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Tues: September 19
Image by Carl Kho

Community Resilience and Adaptation

  Climate Adaptation  
10:30AM - 12:30PM
HKRC headquarters
Primarily English 

Climate change is here. How are communities adapting and how can we push the process forward? The HK Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Training will provide participants with a hands-on look at what community resilience can look like practically. This will be supplemented by a sharing on the groundwork required to run such programs to progress essential community adaptation.

Knowledge Partners
Cardry Chan_edited.jpg

Cardry Chan

Cardry Chan, Manager of Community Resilience at Hong Kong Red Cross, is a Registered Social Worker who actively promotes community resilience and disaster preparedness. She oversees public education, community engagement, and institutes capacity building. With experience in youth development and volunteering, Cardry empowers individuals and inspires community involvement for a more resilient society.


Alva Chan_edited.jpg

Alva Chan

Alva Chan, Assistant Manager of Community Resilience at Hong Kong Red Cross, with experience in sub-divided units projects and community engagement work. Currently pursuing her Master of Social Work with a specialization in the family field and crisis intervention.


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