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Panel Discussion 3:

Aligning Employers and Employees in an Evolving Green Jobs Market

to identify and bridge the gaps between employers andcandidates in terms of job description and expectation, skill set requirements, and careerdevelopment

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Key Takeaways

• Students and employers: expectations vs reality 
• What are the skills and mindset required to enter the field and to remain in the sustainability field?
• What training is needed in Hong Kong green jobs' market? How could we bridge the gaps?
• How to plan a career path or pivot into a different field?

Knowing More About our Speakers

Miss Shruthe Kirupakaran
Renewable Analyst, Brawn Capital: NESS Founding Member

Shruthe is an Environmental Science and Engineering Graduate, and is currently working as a Renewable Analyst at Brawn Capital. She is also one of the founding members of NESS. With her passion for climate change awareness and action, she has worked on a number of projects focusing on ESG and circular economy.  She believes that responsible consumption and production is the key to a more sustainable future.

Dr Margaret Burnett
Programme Director, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, HKU

To be added

Ms. Melanie Kwok
Assistant General Manager (Sustainability), Sino Group

Melanie is the Assistant General Manager (Sustainability) and the Head of
Sustainability of Sino Group. She oversees a range of sustainability projects related to
ESG. Being a specialist in the realm of Sustainable Development for nearly 20 years,
Melanie has also gained extensive experiences in Sustainable Tourism and
Stakeholder Engagement.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Management from the
Imperial College London, a Master Degree of Science in Environment and
Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a Master
Degree in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge. She is also a
certified Sustainable Tourism Professional by Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Ms. Jessica Chan
Head of Sustainability, MTR Corporation Limited

Jessica is the Head of Sustainability of MTR Corporation responsible for formulating sustainability strategies and driving sustainability initiatives for the company. She developed a corporate Climate Change Strategy and leads regular review of climate risks and controls for different business units. Recently, she has formulated a long-term decarbonisation roadmap and carbon reduction targets for MTR, and developed a set of KPIs to gauge and drive the company’s performance in a wide range of sustainability aspects.

Jessica is a seasoned sustainability professional with over 25 years of experience in environmental and corporate sustainability with diverse expertise in sustainability strategies and policies, sustainability communications and disclosure, regulatory compliance, stakeholder engagement, and emerging sustainability issues. She is a member of various international and local sustainability-related committees including UITP’s Sustainable Development Committee, HKGCC’s Environment & Sustainability Committee and BEC’s Climate Change Business Forum Advisory Group. Jessica is also a member of the Board of Examiners of HKMA’s Hong Kong Sustainability Award.

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