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Sat & Sun: September 23-24
Image by Gigi

Local Conference of Youth Hong Kong

Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)
Day 1: 9AM - 5PM
Day 2: 1PM - 6PM
Day 1: Breakthough Youth Village
Day 2: HK Red Cross Headquarters
Primarily Cantonese, supplemented with English in selected sessions

Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is an event initiated by YOUNGO since 2014, with an aim to empower youth through networking and knowledge sharing. LCOY desires to connect the annual climate negotiations to local climate action and turn words into action, especially youth actions. This year's LCOYHK is organized by CarbonCare InnoLab, co-organized by Hong Kong Youth for Climate Action, NESS and V'air Hong Kong.

The theme of LCOY 2023 is "Youth for a Livable City". It hopes to build capacity among young people to better understand the relationship between climate change and our city, and to co-create a climate resilient place of living. There will be series of interactive workshops, seminars, climate related games, and discussion sections in LCOY. It hopes to strengthen networks among young people as well as inspire the determination to continuous climate actions, in preparation for COP 28 at the end of the year.

Knowledge Partners

CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL)

CarbonCare InnoLab is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to the nurturing and development of innovative solutions in response to today's climate change and sustainability challenges.

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Hong Kong Youth for Climate Action (HKYCA)

Hong Kong Youth For Climate Action is a youth climate action network to empower young people in Hong Kong to advocate and build creative solutions for international and local climate issues.


V'air Hong Kong

V'air Hong Kong is the first climate-focused youth organisation in Hong Kong. They aim to reduce the per capita carbon footprint of Hong Kong people from aviation emissions, and to deepen the public's knowledge on the ecology, culture and history of the city.

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