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Design Thinking Workshop

Speaker: Ivan Chang, Hin Yip, UX/UI Designers at PALO IT

PALO IT is a global innovation consultancy and Agile software development company dedicated to helping organisations embrace tech as a force for good. They work with clients to rapidly launch products and services, create new business models, and prepare leadership and culture for the future.

Workshop introduction:

The workshop will be an interactive session looking at the innovative concepts of impact design – a field of design thinking seen through the lens of positive impact.


In this workshop, we will discover how to identify opportunities to create positive impact with frameworks like Systems thinking and UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will be able to identify a starting point to make changes for climate change related issues.


We will hear from Ivan Chang and Hin Yip, UX/UI Designers at PALO IT, about the principles of impact design followed by a hands-on workshop to help our youths to see the bigger picture and find unexpected solutions to complex problems.


Our two expert designers will guide you through key concepts of impact design with practical exercises and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.




Ivan Chang

With his background in Biomedical Sciences and passion for UX/UI design, Ivan values in bringing changes to society through designing solutions. Being organized and curious, he brings in contributions to the team by thinking from different perspectives. In previous experiences, he has proven the capability of solving users’ pain points and addressing their needs through design process.


Hin Yip

Hin has solid product experience, including research and design. He contributed to cross-domain projects such as retail, luxury brands, engineering, environment friendly and Fintech. Hin enjoys figuring out the rationale behind the behaviours and connecting the opportunities and solutions.

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