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- Panel Discussion #4 -

Utilizing Green Tech

for Net-Zero Transition

June 2 11:50-12:30

Key Takeaway

This panel aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the crucial role green technology plays in achieving carbon neutrality and combating climate change. By exploring the latest advancements, opportunities, and challenges in various green tech sectors, as well as discussing successful case studies and the policy landscape, attendees will gain valuable insights into how green technology can drive sustainability, economic growth, and societal well-being. The panel will emphasize the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of green technology and overcome barriers to its implementation.

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Mr. Sam Lee

Head of Recycling Fund Secretariat

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)

Mr Sam Lee is the Head of the Recycling Fund Secretariat under Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). Sam has been working in various Government funding schemes for more than 23 years, including Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (Enterprise Support Programme), SME Development Fund, etc. 


Sam acquired BSc. in Agriculture (Environmental Biology) (U. of Guelph), MBA and MSc in IT Management (CUHK). 

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Mr. JS Gan

Co-founder & Managing Director

Building Solutions Ltd

JS Gan is Co-founder and Managing Director at Building Solutions Ltd, a leading green building technology specialist in Asia. He is a Hong Kong Green Building Council member, a BEAM Professional and a RESET Healthy Buildings Accredited Professional. Gan graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Imperial College London and holds a Certificate in Sustainable Energy from MIT.

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Mr. Constant Tedder

Co-founder & CEO

Flyfarm Worldwide

Constant Tedder is a serial entrepreneur, started his entrepreneurial journey immediately after university in media, with a stint in renewables, hospitality and now agri-tech, always with a passion for sustainability. Constant co-founded Jagex, the developer of the massively popular computer game RuneScape in 2001, which he grew to over 450 employees. In 2010, Constant founded a successful wind farm developer Dawn Energy. Moving to Hong Kong in 2012 he founded the Hive and grew this coworking business to over 40 locations across Asia Pacific. In 2019 Constant co-founded agritech robotics company FlyFarm. In the not for profit sphere Constant founded environmental publishing charity Earth.Org in 2018 in Hong Kong.

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