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- Panel Discussion #1 -

Striving for a Just Transition 
in the Decarbonisation Journey

June 1 11:20-12:00

Key Takeaway

This panel aims to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of climate justice and the importance of a just transition in achieving carbon neutrality. By exploring global and local perspectives, identifying pain points, and discussing potential solutions, participants will gain valuable insights into how to prioritize equity and human well-being in the development and implementation of decarbonization measures and climate actions across various aspects of society, including smart city planning, policy-making, and infrastructure development.

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Ms. Chin Chin Lam


Community Climate Resilience Concern Group (CCRCG)

Chin Chin is a professional Town Planner and an climate activist, determined to create sustainable cities and resilient communities. She is actively involved with several organizations, including "YOUNGO" - the Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC, the "Hong Kong Institute of Planners," and "WalkDVRC,". Chin Chin is also the founder of the "Community Climate Resilience Concern Group," advocating for better climate adaptation facilities for residents of inadequate housing. She also founded the social media platform "Urban Acupuncture Hong Kong," which aims to inspire sustainable urbanism among the next generation of city shapers. 
Her commitment in climate advocacy can also be reflected by her role as a Youth Delegate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt. 


Ms. Cardry Chan

Manager of Community Resilience

HK RedCross

Cardry Chan, Manager of Community Resilience at Hong Kong Red Cross, is a Registered Social Worker who actively promotes community resilience and disaster preparedness. She oversees public education, community engagement, and institutes capacity building. With experience in youth development and volunteering, Cardry empowers individuals and inspires community involvement for a more resilient society.

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Ms. Melody Wong

Senior Sustainability Consultant


With a wealth of experience in low carbon and energy solutions, Melody has played a pivotal role in various integrated sustainability projects, including AIRSIDE, the Henderson and One Taikoo Place. Her expertise lies in Scope 3 carbon emissions, specialising in whole life-cycle carbon assessments and effective supply chain management. She also provides strategic advices to clients and projects that contribute to corporate ESG goals and the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Her influence extends across multiple areas, including ESG engagement, resource and waste management, supply chain optimisation, climate and the successful attainment of ESG objectives.

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