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Panel Discussion 1:

Bridging the Green Job Gap: Talent, Skills, and Communication

12:00 - 13:00 @ Auditorium

Key Takeaways

  • Explore diverse aspects of green jobs, equipping attendees with the necessary knowledge regarding training programs, certifications, internships, etc. 

  • Shed insight into the relationship between employer expectations and employee skills; basic expectations and required breadth of knowledge. 

  • Comment on the reality of pursuing a green job.

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Ms. Cindy Tanaka

Sustainability & Climate Risk Advisory Analyst


Cindy graduated from HKUST with a BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and a minor in Business. She gained exposure to the sustainability field through her work experience at Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong environmental think tank, as a research intern, where she conducted public policy research on various environmental topics and engaged with multiple stakeholders to drive collective action. Cindy currently works as a sustainability practitioner at Deloitte Hong Kong with a focus on providing sustainability risk advisory services and developing decarbonisation strategies for clients in various industries.

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Ms. Pui Yee Leung, Carly

Co-founder of Climate Incubator

Carly is a member of the UN Asia-Pacific Youth Advisory Group on Environmental and Climate Justice, where she actively contributes to the advancement of these critical issues. Carly's passion and expertise extend beyond her advisory role. Recognizing the urgent need for a just climate transition, she co-founded the Climate Incubator. This initiative serves as a dynamic platform for individuals seeking to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address climate change. As an incubator that empowers youth, the Climate Incubator fosters collaborative learning, networking, and the development of green skills.


Additionally, Carly holds the position of Development Director at V'air, where she plays a pivotal role in promoting eco-tourism and climate education. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship drives V'air's mission to create positive change in the world.


Mr. Angus Chan

Senior Manager

Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Angus is an experienced sustainability professional with over 10 years of experience in advising and implementing sustainability strategy, ESG rating, ESG reporting, targets setting, as well as engaging a wide range of stakeholders. Angus currently takes a leading role on supporting the vision to build an international green technology and green financial centre. He also engages with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to nurture the green technology ecosystem. Angus holds a Master degree of Environmental Science and Management from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Bachelor degree of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also holds an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) FSA credential holder, CESGA and he is a BEAM Pro (New Building) and Certified Carbon Auditor.


Ms. Shruthe Kirupakaran

Renewable Analyst

Brawn Capital

Shruthe is a Renewable Analyst at Brawn Capital and one of the Founding Members of NESS. She has been passionate about climate change from a young age and pursued her education in Environmental Science and Engineering to strengthen her knowledge in the area. Since then, Shruthe has acquired both consulting and in-house sustainability experience and now covers both ESG integration and Investor Relations for renewable energy projects in her current role. She continues to spend her time on climate action, both directly through her work and through raising awareness via NESS. Shruthe strongly believes that responsible consumption and production is the key to a more sustainable future.

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