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- Keynote Speech #2 -

From Global to Local:

Climate Policy and Regulations

June 1 11:00-11:20

Key Takeaway

Climate policy and regulations play a crucial role in addressing climate change at various levels, from the global stage to local communities. They include mitigation and adaptation to climate change, global cooperation, economic benefits, sustainable development, and more.

Ms. Kitty Tam, Programme Lead of Hong Kong 2050 is Now will discuss past and current policies for climate action, provide case studies of effective policy frameworks, and analyse the Hong Kong Climate Action Plan. She'll also share her insights on the future outlook of climate policy and regulations on both international and local levels.


Ms. Kitty Tam

Programme Lead

Hong Kong 2050 is Now

Kitty Tam is the Programme Lead of Hong Kong 2050 is Now. In her role, she aims to influence and encourage societies to adopt rapid, deep, and sustained climate actions, while promoting a nature-positive world. Having a diverse educational background in geography, business management, and environmental governance, Kitty has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the intricate connections between human activities and the natural world. With her previous experience at WWF-Hong Kong, Kitty played a key role in driving policy change to address pressing environmental challenges.

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