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Green Entrepreneurship

14:30 - 15:30 @ Classroom
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Key Takeaways

  • To inspire youth audiences to pursue their interest in sustainable career paths and provide role models who have succeeded in pursuing their sustainable career journeys. 

  • To provide interesting and practical insights and awareness of potential hurdles when embarking on a green career journey.

  • To create a space for interactive and constructive dialogue between the audience and panel. 


Ms. Carla Martinesi



Carla is the Founder of CHOMP, Hong Kong's food-saving app. Their mission is to reduce food waste by connecting F&B businesses, like restaurants and cafes, with customers who can purchase discounted meal boxes containing unsold items. Since 2021, they’ve saved over 3000 kg of edible food from going to landfills, partnering with 130+ establishments, including Maxim, Shangri-La, Flash Coffee, and more. Carla is also a nominee for Forbes 30 Under 30 and Tatler’s Gen T. 2023 for her work with CHOMP and continues to spread awareness about the importance of tackling food waste to help our planet.

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Mr. Pavan Kumar Arasppa

Customer Excellence and Innovation Manager


Pavan currently works as a Customer Excellence and Innovation manager at Spare-it, a sustainability-tech startup with operations in the US and Hong Kong. Spare-it helps companies reduce office waste by gathering waste data and driving behaviour change. Pavan questions data, turns data to insights and uses actionable insights to effectively communicate and change user behaviour towards sustainability. Convinced that driving behaviour change starts with understanding the users, he conducts user surveys, communicates the insights gathered to all stakeholders and thus ensures that Spare-It's solution offers a good user experience. He also handles operations in the Hong Kong office and continuously improves the processes to achieve better efficiency.


Well-versed in Systematic Inventive Thinking, Pavan conducts workshops to unleash creativity and helps develop a culture of innovation within the organisations. Believing that creativity is a skill that can be learnt by anyone, he teaches creativity to engineers in universities of India. He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Business Administration from The University of Hong Kong.

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Mr. Clement Li

Business Development Manager


Clement was originally focusing on the event & marketing industry. taking the experience and skillsets, transforming into the sustainability field, and has around 3 years of experience now. Passionate and focused on circularity, behavioral change, and creating greener workspace /community.


An interesting transformation is that Clement was a client of Spare-it and turned into the working team as the Business Development Manager. Having both perspectives helps to understand the needs of different clients, and assist them in the waste reduction journey. Currently working with property developers, tech, consulting, insurance companies, and energy services leaders, driving change across 10+ buildings and engaging with over 6,000 stakeholders.

Mr. Max Song



Max is CEO of Carbonbase, building Asia’s first digital native carbon registry, a Forbes 30u30, HuRun U30, and Tatler Gen T Honoree, Schwarzman Scholar. Carbonbase also leverages data science and blockchain for enterprise solutions for measuring, managing and reducing corporate carbon emissions, and AI for ESG report analysis. Previously, Max worked in investments for two multi-billion HK family offices, where he invested in TMT, AI, blockchain, and healthcare. Max started his career as a data scientist in Silicon Valley for Ayasdi, where he led data analysis for financial applications, notably Citibank's 2014 Federal Stress Test. Max received a Masters degree from Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, and Bachelor of Science from Brown University, where he majored in Applied Math and Computer Science. Max is the co-chair of IEEE Planet Positive 2030 Forestry Committee, and a board director of an Asia virtual bank. 

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