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October 21, 2023 (Saturday) 
10AM - 12NN
MB121, University of Hong Kong
Primarily English 

One of the growing areas of work within sustainability and ESG is the consulting sector. As we globally navigate the rapid changes needed to decarbonize our economy in a sustainable manner, consultants are able to offer in depth services to help companies adapt. 


Sustainable consultancy plays a vital role in guiding businesses and organizations towards environmentally responsible practices. It helps them navigate the complex landscape of sustainability, enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and minimize waste. By implementing sustainable strategies, organizations can enhance their reputation, attract environmentally conscious consumers, and strengthen their relationships with stakeholders. Various categories within sustainability consulting have emerged as well, from a focus on technology, finance, strategic implementation, climate resilience, and so on.


By embracing sustainable practices, organizations can build long-term resilience, adapt to changing market dynamics, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly sustainability-focused market. Ultimately, sustainable consultancy plays a crucial role in driving positive environmental impact, fostering innovation, and creating a more sustainable future for businesses and society as a whole.

Business Representatives
Adella Budianto_edited.jpg

Adella Budianto

Adella’s passion for learning shows in her interdisciplinary background, which comprises a mix of environmental engineering, science and literature. She strives to spread this curiosity-driven mindset in her roles as a Senior Consultant at Alaya, wherein she is the project manager for 8 clients, and Consulting Director at 2041 Hong Kong, in which she promotes sustainability learning through grassroots collaborations and knowledge capacity building within the youth community.

Photo_Simon Ng.jpg

Simon Ng

Mr Simon Ng is Chief Executive Officer of Business Environment Council. He works closely with BEC Board of Directors in setting and implementing organisation goals and strategies conducive to supporting BEC members and the wider business community in the transition towards net-zero economy and a sustainable Hong Kong. Mr Ng runs BEC’s daily operations, leads BEC’s policy contributions, and ensures BEC’s continuing relevance in bringing and creating value to its stakeholders and the community at large. He is also the Vice-Chair of BEC’s three Advisory Groups.


Mr Ng has over 25 years of experience in academic and policy research, project management and stakeholder engagement. In particular, Mr Ng is known for his ground-breaking work on ship emissions inventory and evidence-based control policy in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, and his instrumental role in the Fair Winds Charter – a voluntary business initiative to reduce ship emissions. Before taking the CEO position, Mr Ng was BEC’s Director of Policy & Research for 3 years. Prior to joining BEC, he was Chief Research Officer of a Hong Kong based think tank, and held teaching and research positions in several local universities. Currently, Mr Ng is a Member of the Advisory Council on the Environment, and the Harbourfront Commission of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Internationally, Mr Ng is an Expert Member of the UNCRD Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum in Asia since 2006.

Cindy Tanaka(3).jpg

Cindy Tanaka

Cindy graduated from HKUST with a BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and a minor in Business. She gained exposure to the sustainability field through her work experience at Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong environmental think tank, as a research intern, where she conducted public policy research on various environmental topics and engaged with multiple stakeholders to drive collective action. Cindy currently works as a sustainability practitioner at Deloitte Hong Kong with a focus on providing sustainability risk advisory services and developing decarbonisation strategies for clients in various industries

joann pic 1_edited.jpg

Jo-Ann Sanu

Jo-Ann is a sustainability analyst working at the Schneider Electric Sustainability Business. She specializes in developing comprehensive sustainability strategies, setting ambitious decarbonization and energy reduction targets and aligning corporate goals with global initiatives such as the Science Based Targets Initiatives (SBTi).


Jo-Ann’s expertise encompasses scope 3 decarbonization, supplier engagement, materiality assessments, GHG accounting, and advising clients on sustainability disclosures like GRESB. She has experience working with clients in private equity, financial institutions, hospitality and retail. Before working as a sustainability analyst, she worked in the supply chain industry at the footwear brand Under Amour. Outside of work, Jo-Ann is passionate about the oceans and advocating for sustainability and nature based solutions.

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