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Fri: September 22
Green Coral and Fish

Oyster Workshop: Exploring Water Purification and Climate Change Impacts

4:15PM - 6:00PM
Dream Impact ESG Innovation Lab (28/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central)
Primarily English 

While organisms worldwide are affected by the global climate crisis, there are underappreciated groups of filter-feeding animals along coastlines that are fighting climate change. Bivalves, which include oysters, mussels and clams, are a group of marine animals that we are probably familiar with as luxury delicacies, but also have impressive abilities in seawater-filtering. 

This workshop, co-hosted with Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong (SOAHK), explores the ecological and environmental roles of these animals, as well as their potential in helping us deal with the consequences of climate change. Researchers in marine science will discuss some of the science behind these organisms, as well as recent research findings in the field. Participants will then get a taste of what goes on in research laboratories through a hands-on experiment with filter feeding animals, seeing for themselves the power and potential these animals have. It is a unique experience for those with different backgrounds to understand the importance of scientific  research in order to make informed decisions in tackling the climate crisis.

4:15 PM
Climate Change Impacts on Oysters and Bivalves
Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong
4:20 PM
Lecture: Oysters and Bivalves as Water Purifiers
Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong
4:45 PM
Hands-on Experiment: Testing Water Purification Rates
Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong
5:30 PM
Conclusion and Q&A
Knowledge Partners
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Rainbow Leung

Rainbow is an ocean conservation, climate and sustainability advocate. She is the founder of SOA Hong Kong- a youth-led marine conservation organisation, and a PhD student at the University of Hong Kong studying ecosystem-based management of coastal habitats and associated ecosystem services. Her works focus on coastal restoration, outreach and innovation. Rainbow's conservation journey has been driven by a profound connection with her ancestral ties to fishermen. Having completed her studies in Australia, she returned to her roots, utilising her multidisciplinary expertise in science, social science, and policy to conduct research and work in various industries. Engaged in a wide range of climate action efforts, Rainbow firmly believes in bridging the gap between people and the environment, diligently working to rebuild the connections that have been lost.

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Chi Chiu Lo

Chiu is a marine ecologist and ecological engineer. His research focuses on ecological enhancement and restoration of coastal habitats by adopting the ecological engineering approach. He studied the effectiveness of eco-engineered features (e.g., precast tidal pools, eco-panels and oyster baskets) in biodiversity enhancement for his PhD at the University of Hong Kong. Apart from academics, he also actively participates in education programs regarding coastal conservation with various NGOs (e.g., Sustainable Ocean Alliance Hong Kong, Hong Kong Marine Ecological Association, Life Jungle, The Conservancy Association and WWF(HK)), and teaches students and public the importance of marine biodiversity and conservation.

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