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How to join us?


To join us as a participant, please sign up by August 17, 2022 through the application link here.


To join as as organizers:

Who can host an event?

It doesn’t matter who you are. Student groups, businesses, academic institutions, non-profit organisations, and more are welcome to host an event during Climate Week. There is no limitation on the format or style of the event. You may host a documentary screening, a panel discussion, a seminar, an open dialogue, or even an exhibition to raise climate change awareness and help build capacity in Hong Kong.


Events can be about or beyond our 5 major themes, either in-person or online, but hosts are responsible for finding a venue and organising their own events. Hosts are also in charge of responsible for recruitment and attendance for their events.


The more events we have, the greater impact Climate Week will have on youth and the public in the climate action movement makes!



Apply to Host a Session?

Please fill in the Application Form by the end of 31 December 2021.

Once your event has been screened and approved, it will be promoted on NESS website’s Climate Week event calendar, social media channels starting from early December, and shared through our NESSletter. We strongly advise you to submit the application form as early as possible. The sooner we process your application, the more time both parties would have to organise and promote the event to our audience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact anytime!


Type of Collaboration

Partners: Organisations that are co-organising events with NESS. Promotion of respective event will be our social media, website. A slot will be reserved for the party/ organisation during the Climate Week.

Supporting Organisations: Organisations that are hosting event(s) during Climate Week. Supporting organisations will be in charge of their own event, including participant recruitment and venue securing. All official events will be promoted on NESS Website and our social media channels, along with the hosts' logos and "About Us".

Product Sponsors: Several discount codes would be given to participants of Climate Week 2022 for designated products with a clearly defined expiry date of use. Or a few samples of selected products to be given to the party if they excel/perform well.

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