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Event Line-up

Network of Environmental Student Societies (NESS) would be hosting a Climate Week from 22-28 August 2022. It is a week of youth-driven actions and awareness raising for climate change and sustainable development in Hong Kong. 

Our objectives:

  • to mobilise the youth community and advance sustainable transition

  • to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of climate impacts and actions

  • to operate as an interactive platform to gather ideas and inspiring ideation for the wider community

Please submit this form by 23:59 of August 17 2022 at the latest. If your application is successful, our team will then confirm your application via email. More details would be provided after your confirmation via email. Thank you!

22 & 23 Aug (Mon & Tues): Climate Fresk Workshop


Time: 18:30-21:30

Venue: Banyan Workspace

Quota: 20-30

The Climate Fresk is a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence and creativity. Whether you’re completely new to the topic or quite savvy, you can play the Climate Fresk. In 3 hours’ time, you will retrace the IPCC*’s reasoning and you may even have fun doing it! You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the consequences, challenges and changes that you see are coming or should be coming.

Find out more about Climate Fresk here.

23 Aug (Tues): Sustainable Business Roundtable with IKEA Hong Kong


Time: 18:30-19:00

Venue: TBC

Quota: 15


Welcoming youth applicants from 15 to 25 years old (exception may apply), this roundtable discussion is for youth to explore the relations between climate change and business, as well as to gain a better understanding of a sustainable business model (using IKEA as a case study). Confirmed participants are required to do light background research in regards to sustainable business and submit 1-2 questions beforehand as preparation of the discussion.


Please fill in this separate application form if you are interested in speaking with the Sustainability Manager of IKEA Hong Kong.


24 Aug (Wed): Climate and Coffee Workshop


Time: 16:30-18:00

Venue: Rev Time

Quota: 20

We know you love your morning cup of coffee, but do you know how climate change is going to affect your cup?


Coffee is among the most traded commodities and has major economic relevance for many coffee exporting countries. Over 125 million people worldwide depend on coffee production for their livelihood. But changing climate conditions are already causing immense hardship for many of these producers. Coffee eco-systems are highly vulnerable to changing climate conditions, such as rising temperatures and unstable and extreme weather conditions.


Join us as we explore the impacts of climate change on coffee, and what individuals can do to have a more sustainable coffee habit.


Key Takeaways

  • Understand the sustainability issues around coffee

  • Learn how climate change is affecting the coffee production

  • Explore sustainable coffee habit

Speaker Bio.

Having worked for a wide range of education, NGO and think-tank institutions, Benita has abundant experience in working with people of diverse background and culture and has a wealth of expertise in community outreach. She graduated B.A. in Biology in Cornell University and Masters in Marine Biology in Boston University, and subsequently pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Education at The University of Hong Kong. She has since worked in youth development and environmental education in the Outward Bound Hong Kong  HKUST, Youth Arch Foundation, EarthWatch Institute, MWYO and developed citizen-science and experiential-learning programs. In 2018, she founded Encompass HK, a social enterprise to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in different organizations. Benita is also a passionate diving coach with over 20 years of experience. In 2020, she hosted a TEDxEncompassHK Countdown event on climate action which was very well received. 

25 Aug (Thurs):  COP27 Youth Climate Dialogue

Time: TBC

Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Quota: 30

Organised by 3 COP27 Hong Kong Youth Delegates, the youth dialogue aims at highlighting, inspiring, and recognizing the role of youth in climate action to raise awareness, create a call-to-action, and prepare young climate advocates across Hong Kong for larger, global dialogues in the lead up to COP27.


There will be a total of 3 sessions of youth dialogues between August and September to provide this platform for young people at local and regional levels to discuss climate change experiences and environmental advocacy strategies, one of which will be held during Climate Week Hong Kong 2022.

25 Aug (Thurs): Field Visit to MilMill

Time: 11:00-12:00

Venue: Mil Mill Factory in Yuen Long

Mil Mill is the first pulp mill and education centre that recycle beverage cartons in Hong Kong, which is able to process maximum 50 tonnes of beverage cartons daily, and convert them into paper pulp. They also recycle different kinds of paper, esp. composite-paper-products into paper pulp. In this field trip, participants will visit the recycling plant and their education centre.

26 Aug (Fri): Panel on Food and Sustainability

Time: 16:00-17:00

Venue: Banyan Workspace

As one of the events in Climate Week, this panel aims at giving the public more insights into innovation in the local catering industry, particularly in the realm of food waste and packaging. To create more sparks of inspiration, three practitioners in the industry would be invited to deliver a panel discussion to the youth while enjoying sustainable craft beer during Friday happy hours.

Speaker will be announced soon

28 Aug: Sustainable Pad Workshops


Time: 17:30-19:00

Venue: TBC

No. of Participants: 10

BAMPADS! is a social enterprise that aims to empower the public through education on sustainable periods by introducing reusable pads for the comfort of oneself and the environment, as well as to help those who are in need in Hong Kong and around the world.

Through this 1.5 hour-long workshop, participants will not only learn more about reusable pads, but also how it helps reduce waste problems and maintain sustainability in Hong Kong. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunities to feel and touch the reusable pad product, and get a free reusable pad that they can try to experience it in person.

Speaker Bio.

Sakshi Vasudev, Founder of BamPads!, decided to start up a business selling reusable pads due to the impacts of global warming. In addition, the movie “Pad Man” inspired her to contribute to the wellbeing of women and girls in developing countries, who do not have access to affordable sanitary products and instead would use dirty materials for their periods. Because of this, young girls would miss 20% of their schooling just. With this thought in mind, Sakshi decided to start up this business not only to help the environment, but also the women who cannot afford basic, clean sanitary products.

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