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NESSessary is a monthly interview series initiative hosted and produced by members of NESS where we cover targeted environment-related issues and topics. Interviews will be conducted with professionals from respective fields. 


We aim to spread and raise climate change awareness of youth from different academic backgrounds and the general public. By discussing and investigating the linkages between climate change and different aspects, we aspire to highlight / showcase the interdisciplinary nature of the environmental and climate crisis. 

December 2021
- Youth Action & Climate Change


Rainbow Leung

Our first NESSessary interviewee is none other than Rainbow Leung, the passionate, driven and dedicated founder of SOA (Sustainable Ocean Alliance), Hong Kong! Hailing from a family of fishermen, Rainbow has always felt an intense connection to the ocean, leading her to eventually enter the field of Marine conservation. Although she finished her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Australia, she decided to return to Hong Kong, to give back to the place she calls home. Now a founder and member of several successful NGOs as well as a well-known marine activist in Hong Kong, she is involved in several meaningful projects such as the Chinese white dolphin conservation program and the artificial sea wall project. Join us in gaining valuable insights from her as she advises Hong Kong youth on entering the field of climate activism and making real change in the world!


Zuzanna Borowska

In this NESSessary Interview, we would like to introduce Zuzanna Borowska, a social and environmental activist, passionate about climate change and youth empowerment. She is the proud founder of Open Dialogue on Climate Change, a group that aims to organize a series of conversations with stakeholder groups concerning climate change and work to bring systemic change. She also founded the Local Conference of Youth Forum (LCOY), which started off being the first-ever Polish conference of youth on climate change, but soon became a distinguished organization where youth people can meet, talk, and broaden knowledge on climate change. Besides this, Zuzanna initiated many projects and participated in several environmental events. In fact, she participated as the Polish and Youth representative at many UNFCCC meetings, including COP26 this year! Join us in learning more about her work and hearing her advice for youth everywhere in making a climate difference.


Solomon Yeo

Solomon Yeo, a climate activist coming from the Solomon Islands. He is now the Campaign Director of Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC). PISFCC began in March 2019 when 27 USP Law students from 8 Pacific Island countries decided to join together to begin a campaign to persuade the leaders of the Pacific Island Forum to take the issue of climate change and human rights to the International Court of Justice. They are making a campaign, namely the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion (ICJAO) campaign, to refer the world’s biggest problem to the world’s highest court (International Court of Justice) by seeking an Advisory Opinion from the court on the issue of climate change and human rights.


Pooja Tilvawala

Pooja Tilvawala, an ambitious youth activist working towards a more inclusive and encouraging climate movement. She is the founder of Youth Climate Collaborative, an organisation which guides and connects young climate leaders by reducing barriers to youth engagement and retention in the climate space through education, empowerment, and activation. Besides, she actively engages with The Climate Collaborative, helping them join forces to create pathways to action, connecting companies to resources and working together to create solutions. Join us to gather insights and learn about her work towards making a change and to be a part of it.