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About Us

Network of Environmental Student Societies (NESS)


  • To gather passionate students from different environmentally-related educational backgrounds to form a network 

  • To establish a communicative platform to gain knowledge and skills, and advance career pathways

  • To increase youth participation and awareness in climate change and actions in HK through multi-disciplinary lens and perspectives

  • To function as the organizing committee for Climate Week Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Climate Emergency Summit, which would be organized annually


  • To acknowledge, enable, and empower youth in Hong Kong to take climate action

  • To make sustainability-related opportunities more accessible to youth in Hong Kong

  • To showcase possibility / potential of having a career path in sustainability in Hong Kong 

  • To represent youth organizations in environmental advocacy and knowledge exchange, both locally and internationally, through different channels (i.e. public statement)



Our organizing committee is divided into 3 main teams: Event Partnership Team, Policy & Advocacy Team, and Communication & Marketing Team.


With university students from a wide range of backgrounds, we are working towards the same goal, to raise the awareness of students in HK in relation to climate change.

Our Partners

NESS aims at uniting different fields and expertise so as to combat climate-related issues. Our partners range from institutions, businesses who are providing our audience with sustainable products, and supporting organizations that are helping the NESS team reach our potential audience.

climate week

Climate week is a week of youth-driven actions and awareness-raising for climate change and sustainable development in Hong Kong. 


HKCES2021 was successfully held virtually last year with over 70 youth delegates. We had speakers from NGOs, professionals in sustainability businesses, and academics.

knowledge hub

Here, you can find regularly posted articles about environmental news and updates - researched and written by our own members!


NESSessary is a monthly interview series initiative hosted and produced by members of NESS where we cover targeted environment-related issues and topics.

Let’s Work Together

NESS welcome partnership and collaboration opportunities with various stakeholders in the societies. 

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