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Climate Data Art Workshop

Speaker: Dr PerMagnus Lindborg

Dr PerMagnus Lindborg is a composer whose research in sound perception and design is anchored in computer music. He explores cross-modal correspondences to enrich the science-art bond by applying empirical results in the design of artwork as well as extracting analytic data from sensory experiences. At CityU, he co-directs the SoundLab. See also


About DACA


Data Art for Climate Action (DACA2022) is a dual-hub conference on interactive sonification and visualisation for climate science communication.


DACA is about sonification and visualisation of climate data with a purpose of exploration, awareness, education, and action. As a dual-hub conference (physical events at two locations that are connected over the Internet), DACA is a focal point for researchers, artists, activists, and students, to meet, discuss, and learn from each other.


The DACA student workshop will include talks and workshops led by invited artists and scientists who are experts in climate monitoring and measurement, sonification, and visualization. Working on group projects, students will hack meteorological data provided by Hong Kong Observatory using various software and create their own experimental designs for how to communicate the science via sound and light: computer music and visual images.


For further details, please visit For enquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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